Sabal Palm

Sabal Palms, aka Cabbage Palms grow 1-2″ per year reaching a mature height of 60 FT. Native to the Southeast US, they are VERY COLD HARDY (10 deg), and once established very low maintenance. When harvested often the “BOOTS” are removed from the bottom 2/3rds of the tree. (They naturally fall off @ 20ft of trunk). If left on, the boots protect the trunk and look sweet up-lit. Although Cabbage palms generally come absent of leaves “Hurricane Cut”, ask about the availability of “REGENERATED TREES”, (4-5 leaves). Please contact us with all your Palm Tree needs in the Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beaches, Northeast Florida and surrounding areas. Call us at (904) 729-3453 or use our contact form.


  • Cold Hardiness:  10°F ~ 
  • Growth Rate:  1-2 Inches/Year ~ 
  • Max Size:  60 Feet ~ 
  • Number: 07
  • Price:  Hurricane cut - $395-$595 installed
     Fully regenerated cabbage palms $695-$795 installed
  • Price Size: 10-20 Feet
  • Price Type: Clear Trunk