Jax Palm Trees has extensive Inventory including Queen Palms in Jacksonville, Florida.
Mature Queen Palms

GREYWOOD Queen Palm trees are adult trees known to be colder hardy then young queens and slowed growing. Their size to price ratio makes them one of our top sellers. Originating from the fertile foothills of the ANDES MOUNTAINS,  Queens do need to be fed at least twice a year (MARCH & AUGUST) with most “Palm Fertilizers” including MILORGANITE and MAGNESIUM SULFATE (Epsom Salt) combined. Please contact us with all your Palm Tree needs in the Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beaches, Northeast Florida and surrounding areas. Call us at (904) 729-3453 or use our contact form.


  • Cold Hardiness:  20°F ~ 
  • Growth Rate:  12 Inches/Year ~ 
  • Max Size:  50 Feet ~ 
  • Number: 03
  • Price:  $395-795
  • Price Size: 25 Feet
  • Price Type: Overall Height