Queen Palms also originate in central South America, are relatively cold hardy (20 deg), and are FAST GROWERS. They can reach 40-50 ft at a rate of 1-2 ft per year. Favored for their long graceful frond which DANCES in the wind, and their moderate price (because they grow so fast) they are one of the more popular Palm varieties in the Sun Belt. Please contact us with all your Palm Tree needs in the Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beaches, Northeast Florida and surrounding areas. Call us at (904) 729-3453 or use our contact form.


  • Cold Hardiness:  20°F ~ 
  • Growth Rate:  12 Inches/Year ~ 
  • Max Size:  50 Feet ~ 
  • Number: 02
  • Price:  $395-$795
  • Price Size: 15 Feet
  • Price Type: Overall Height