Pygmy Date Palms, aka PHOENIX Roebelenii is a slow growing  DWARF palm that only grows to 10-12 ft at a rate of 2-3″ year. Named after the Phoenix of mythology because of its FEATHERY frond Roebelenii palms are among  the most popular in this area even though they are often burned back by our winters if they are not somewhat protected primarily from the wind.Please contact us with all your Palm Tree needs in the Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beaches, Northeast Florida and surrounding areas. Call us at (904) 729-3453 or use our contact form.


  • Cold Hardiness:  20°F ~ 
  • Growth Rate:  2 Inches/Year ~ 
  • Max Size:  13 Feet ~ 
  • Number: 035
  • Price:  $395-995
  • Price Size: 5-6 Feet
  • Price Type: Overall Height