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How to care for your palm trees.

How Much Water?

~ 5 Minutes per tree per day for 3 months

~After 3 Months once or twice a week.

~Spray the entire tree from top to bottom.

~ IMPORTANT- In mucky wet soils water every other day or every three days in very wet soils.

When Should you Trim Your Palm Trees?

~ Let the fronds lose all green before trimming. Use your tool of choice to trim fronds where they begin to separate from the trunk.

When to Fertilize?


~ Use a fertilizer specific for palm trees. Follow directions on the bag, every fertilizer is different. Wait atlas a month to fertilize after the palm tree was planted. Recommended Fertilizer (Slow Release/G )

How Deep do we plant?

~The top of the palm rootball will have a little air roots comes out of the soil. NEVER COVER THE ROOTBALL WITH SOIL. A light layer of mulch or stone is fine. If you bury the tree to deep it will die out. For this reason we plant trees where the top of the rootball is 2″-3″ inches above surrounding grade/soil level.